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Supervisors can have a significant impact on establishing a successful appraising career. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Supervisors who helped build the foundation of what we have now. After establishing Ahrens Co in 2008, client after client stated, 'we wish we could clone you', so I got to work trying to do just that.

Through years of training Trainees, I developed the modern training system we use today. We continue growing by training our own Trainees with our own in-house Supervisors. Our core principles of Quality, Professionalism, and Turn-Times, help set us apart from the average appraiser, and we are quickly becoming leaders in the residential appraisal industry.

Experience alone does not equal the ability to provide accurate valuations.  Our premier appraisers utilize the latest in valuation techniques, stay current with the latest trends and guidelines, and continue to improve with continuing education classes.


We ensure you will receive a comprehensive appraisal report with an accurate valuation. Choose a modern appraiser you can trust, choose Ahrens Co.

- Brian Ahrens, CEO